Free Mathematics Tutoring in Pre-Algebra

Free Mathematics Tutoring In Pre-Algebra

  • This is an offer for three students who need some remedial work with Pre-Algebra issues, such as fractions (where we will begin), geometry, and beginning algebra issues.   I need three students who could benefit from review of fractions, geometry, and algebra such as presented at the Pre-Algebra level.  We will use manipulatives, like fraction bars and pictures, to make the problems more real and will play games once you work with the other students to figure out each rule for fractions with your manipulatives.  This will help build your computational speed in a fun manner.  These lessons are for a graduate certificate course I am taking.
  • This is not for on-the-spot tutoring.  Every lesson will be carefully designed and move in a progression of skills.  Students need to be wiling to commit to two or three 55 minute lessons per week through August.  All three students will meet with me at the same time.  All lessons are free.  The students need to be in the seventh grade or above and need help with fractions and other Pre-Algebra topics.
  • There is one catch, there will be a sample problem that I will have you try to solve as a group each week that may be harder than the rest of what we are doing.  You must simply give the sample “challenge problem” your best effort each week.  That is all I ask.  The problems are required by my graduate program.  The challenge problem will only take about 15 to 20 minutes during one lesson each week.  This is the only catch; the sample problem is a bit harder.  It is just to see what students can do at your level.  I also have created games to make the learning fun and to help build up your speed in computations, once you have learned the concepts.
  • Mathematics tutoring – Elementary through Pre-Algebra.  I utilize guided problem solving with manipulatives and concept-based lessons that will make mathematics both enjoyable and very real.  Then, I will move you to the most efficient procedures to solve the problems.  This is Common Core Mathematics instruction.  You will need to understand mathematics on this level for the new testing being developed.
  • You will need a headset with a noise-cancelling microphone for the appointments, a quiet room in which to do the lessons,  and a computer with a printer and scanner hooked up, because I will send you files of mathematics manipulatives, like fraction bars.   I have found that Google Hangouts needs a computer that runs Vista or newer.
  • Please only contact me for the lessons described above.  If you are looking for other types of free lessons, please do not waste your time or mine.  If you are interested, do not set an appointment yet.  Please contact me via my contact information for this blog.  We will need to find a time that all three students and I can agree upon, so we will be setting our schedule in a Hangouts group each week.  Please state in the message other contact information (you will need a Google account and contact information, because we will use Google Hangouts as the VOIP), the grade level of the students, and something to let me know that you are agreeing to a commitment of twice weekly, 55 minute lessons as well as the one challenge problem per week.
  • Once I have three students, the offer ends, and I will keep a waiting list, if someone needs to drop the group.
  • I look forward to working with you and making mathematics fun and understandable.

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