Free Challenge Problem Group for Pre-Algebra Students

I have created a free challenge problem group on Edmodo for students who would like to explore Pre-Algebra.  There will be a new problem each week, along with discussions between students.  Often, you will discuss the problem with each other online, in order to help each other figure out the answer.  Each problem will be solved with manipulatives, like fraction bars and pie charts, so you will really understand mathematics on a deep, conceptual level.

If the members of the group would like, I can create more problems each week, in order to extend your learning.  I will also often provide online resources that will give you some more practice and will suggest games that you can play with the other members of the group via Google Hangouts.  I would like to have six or more students join the group.  I am doing this as part of the requirements of a graduate certificate program.

In order to join, please place a request by using my contact information, or by using the “Join” URL for the Edmodo group:



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