Valuable, Tailored, Free Information from College Board

If you are about to prepare yourself or your child for the SAT, it is critical to check one source first.  Any student who has taken the PSAT/NMSQT has access to a free College Quick Start account with the College Board.  This information is vital, because it contains all of the questions and their answers from the test, along with the correct response and an explanation of why each was the best answer. 

The Quick Start account also has hundreds of tailored practice questions, based upon the student’s weaknesses on the prior test. 

My College Quick Start Link

According to College Board, “Students can access their accounts starting in December when paper score reports are received. To sign in, students need:

  • The access code printed on their PSAT/NMSQT score report
  • A College Board student account (Students who do not already have a College Board account will be prompted to create one. It typically takes less than two minutes to create a free account.)”

This is absolutely vital information that every student needs as they begin SAT preparation, and it is information that needs to be shared with any potential tutor, so that the tutor can focus on areas of demonstrated weakness, saving money and time.

SAT Study Books


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