Excellent Article on Great BYOD Applications and One Note

The  following article was actually written for educators, but has some really great advice for parents and students.  Many schools are allowing students to bring their own technology devices (BYOD) to school in order to support their learning.  This article talks about the basic applications that every student and teacher needs to know about in order to support holistic learning goals.  The article link is here:  http://www.edutopia.org/blog/20-awesome-byod-mobile-apps-vicki-davis#comment-168851

The beginning of the article has an important message.  Many of us may have heard about Evernote as a great note taking application that can store pictures, text, audio, video, and website pages and allow you to take notes and annotate the information.  The problem is that Evernote will only allow you to store you folders of notes in the cloud, unless you pay a monthly fee.  For this reason, I do not suggest it be the go-to note taking application for students. 

Instead, I have found that there is a note-taking application that most all of us already own that is as robust and user-friendly as Evernote.  If you do not own it, I am told you can buy the stand-alone version for just $8.  This application will allow you to store notes on your computer or in a free cloud.  The application is One Note.  If you have Microsoft Office, you already own it.

Like many of us, I did not pay much attention to One Note until recently.  Besides the gathering and organizing of multiple sources and types of information just like Evernote – text files, handwritten notes, audio files, pictures, video files, website pages and clippings, etc. – you can also draw pictures with One Note (better than Paint) for your geometry class and (although I have not used it yet) it has a mathematics equation editor (so you can write and store all of your mathematical formulas along with pictures and text description).  I am just beginning to explore One Note.

There are some really good tutorials online.  I would suggest going on You Tube and searching for” One Note for education”

I will update this post, if I find out some new revelations about One Note.  So far, I am impressed and recommend it to students as a great place to organize everything.

One Note image


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