Pre-Algebra Classes

4th and 8th grade NAEP mathematics testing results show that the majority of US students have only “basic” not “proficient” skills in mathematics.  This means that many students in our classes are behind grade level standards.  In class, teachers feel  the squeeze about “covering all state standards,” and often do not spend enough time meeting the needs of the many students who are behind grade level expectations.  Summer time is a great time for students to get caught up to state standards and to enter the next grade level with more confidence about their mathematical skills  I have begun providing pre-algebra tutoring in addition to the English language arts lessons I already provide.  Please contact me about how you can get the first lesson free for a limited time.

I am a 17-year veteran, credentialed classroom teacher. I have taught all four core subject at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, but I have been a middle school teacher for the majority of my career. I have been a lead teacher and teacher trainer. I have a Masters in Education and am just completing a graduate course in mathematics instruction for grades five through eight.

The pre-algebra lessons are online and are via Skype or Google Hangouts and follow the Common Core and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics guidelines. The lessons use manipulatives, pictures, charts, and graphs that allow students to see and understand mathematics in a very concrete manner. Students learn through fun and challenging activities to derive the formulas we learned in school and see why they work. Then, they use the formulas and procedures to solve real world problems. I include mathematics games, which helps students improve their speed and fluency. There is quite a bit of emphasis on being able to make an estimation of the correct answer in order to see if their answer makes sense.

I also am very willing to work with a group of two or three students at the same level of mathematics in order to reduce the cost for parents. These lessons work very well in this manner. Students work together to puzzle out ideas as they try to solve the problem. There is a mix of group and individual work in such lessons, and the games are more fun in this manner.

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