AP Classes – Best for All Students?

There is an interesting Associated Press article that just came out citing data that many more students are taking AP classes.  According to the article, only 40% of all high schools in the U.S. offer AP classes.  These courses are designed to be taught and graded in a similar manner in all parts of the United States and to simulate the rigor of a college class.  Students may earn college credit by taking the courses.  The good thing about AP courses is that it prepares high school students for the rigors of college.

The article is here:


The article does not state, though, if the students who took the course but still failed to pass the AP were benefited in the long term by taking the course.  If you are making the decision with your high school-aged son or daughter if an AP class is a good idea, I would suggest looking back at some of my introductory articles about college readiness and reading skills.  This article is particularly pertinent:


Have your son or daughter pick up either their history, science, or English text and read a passage to you.  Do they sound fluent?  If not, it is time to remediate their reading before choosing courses with more rigor than the traditional high school curriculum (unless it is a mathematics course).   I offer reading remediation services.   My reading remediation students in middle school were able to improve two to three reading levels in a few months of twice weekly remediation work, while reading enjoyable books at their level of comprehension own their own.  I would be happy to schedule an appointment with you, if you are in need of these services.   Please see my contact information.



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