New Helpouts for SAT Preparation on a Budget

SAT preparation can be a very expensive proposition for parents.  SAT preparation can cost parents several hundred dollars.  Kaplan’s classroom SAT preparation offering costs around $700.  The best situation of all is if students have consistently read widely throughout school and done their best on writing and mathematics assigned by teachers.  If they have done all of this, then taking the PSAT/NMSQT should prove that they are ready for the SAT, and no further preparation may be needed.  After all, the SAT is a test of college readiness.  Secondary school (and reading widely) is the preparation for college.

Unfortunately, not all students have read widely throughout their school years.  Their fluency is poor and they do not have a grade level working vocabulary.  These are issues they have tried actively to hide from parents and peers.  If your child has not done well on the PSAT or is not doing well on SAT reading and writing practice tests, I have created two Google Helpouts that will address only the issues that are problems in a diagnostic fashion, rather than having the student take a whole SAT preparation course. 

The SAT reading helpout is designed to quickly spot areas of problems and create an action plan to remediate problems.  It will begin with questions to assess if there are any places that the student is losing points unwittingly with poor test taking strategies.  Then, I will provide a short diagnostic reading assessment.  Based upon the results of these measures, we will move on to a sample SAT reading passage.  After we work with the passage and have the student provide a rationale for each answer, I will provide an action plan and begin to initiate remediation measures.  I will also provide remediation strategies the student can implement on their own with the SAT preparation materials (There are cheap used SAT preparation books on Amazon.  They can also be bought in a thrift store), with other students, and with me, as needed.  I will also provide a written summary of the session, action plan, and tips.  We will work together for up to 45 minutes for $20.

The SAT essay has gotten a bit more difficult over the years, since students may only work on their essays for 25 minutes.  There is simply not enough time to write the standard 5 paragraph essay they wrote in high school. In the SAT writing helpout, I will look at one SAT writing sample the student has already written, provide a score and diagnosis, and materials and information to remediate recurring problems.  As in the reading helpout, I will also ask some questions about how the student attacks this section of the test, in order to provide some important tips they may not know.  I will also provide a written summary of the session and a plan of action, as needed.   This session is 20 minutes for $9.

If your child is struggling with the SAT reading and writing preparation materials and feels a lack of confidence, let’s get together for a short session and do some diagnosis.  I will provide common sense solutions based upon my years of experience as an English and reading and writing remediation teacher.


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