New Online Study Skills Class

I have am now offering an online webinar hour and a half (middle school) or two hour (high school/college) study skills lesson that teaches students:

  • Three different forms of lecture note-taking (based upon their learner profile),
  • A very effective and quick system for taking notes on what you read,
  • How to use a fast and powerful electronic flashcard system that is very helpful for subjects such as foreign languages that have a lot of vocabulary to learn, and
  • Research-based memory techniques like spaced repetition.                              The high school/college study skills lesson will also include a quick test to determine students’ preferred learning style and then teach students powerful metacognitive strategies that will help them retain more of what they learn, based upon their predominant learning style.

If students desire more follow-up lessons, I can arrange that as well, but this lesson is designed to place students well on the road to self-sufficiency when it comes to studying for classes such as history, foreign languages, and psychology.

This course is taught via interactive webinar.  You will be actually putting the skills into practice during the webinar.  Winners with the best set of notes in the webinar (as chosen by their fellow students) will win a free 55 minute lesson of their choice from other lessons I provide (Reading and writing remediation or editing services, Pre-Algebra, or ESL lessons) .  Each participant in the webinar pays $15 dollars for the middle school webinar and $20 for the high school/college webinar.

I will regularly be announcing dates and times for the study skills webinar here  on the SAT Reading/Writing Blog.


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