SAT Question of the Day

This is a great link for students preparing to take their SAT tests!  If you go to the following link, you will get a SAT practice question each day from the company that administers the SAT.  After you have clicked on your best response, you will be able to see the correct answer and why it is the best one.

SAT Question of the Day link:

My tip:  Remember, sometimes these tests have two good answers.  You always need to pick the best answer, so make sure you are not picking the first good answer you see and moving on to the next question before you have looked at all the possible choices.

Second tip: When choosing SAT study materials, choose the Official SAT testing materials from the College Board.  They are devising the tests, so they are the best authorities on what you will find on these examinations.  Their official book has full length SAT tests that you can use as practice.